A Fan of Life, Full Stack Web Developer, blockchain programmer, & energy theorist


Google Certified IT Professional; Full Stack Web Developer & mobile application specialist. Jeremy is a motivated innovator and entreprenuer from the United States. Recently Higgs developed a wireless charging energy theory for the future development and improvement on our current wireless electronic charging paterns as a whole. Jeremy is a full time health it computer specialist and a full time freelance designer and out-of-the-box innovator.


Jeremy was historically one of the first 1500 individuals to release a crytocurrency token. At the time of release Cypt Coin, (Cryptoloot Token) an erc-20 ethereum blockchain token, circulated over 2.1 million tokens worldwide, an honor only obtained by 80 tokens at the time of activity. Higgs is reportedly one of 5 programmers who did not break the multi-million dollar height during the cryptorush of 2018 and is still asked to speak at blockchain organizations and conferences worldwide.

Wireless Energy Concept

Jeremy recently pitched his theory to ABC's Sharktank producers for his Open Induction wireless energy concept

Reputation Defense Dashboard

The Defense Dashboard is a reputation defense and management tool that customizes social and review pages that are right for your business

Unique Styles

Net Diatom web development firm

Recent Certifications 

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Google Certified

Jeremy is a Grow With Google scholarship recipient and a certified Google IT professional

Blockchain Certified

A blockchain programmer and mine system developer, Jeremy has recently certified in Blockchain Basics and is a noted public cryptocurrency speaker. View recent profile


Current holder of a Machine learning and artificial intelligence foundation certificate.